+ Sharp Shield Gloves

Protects fingers, knuckles, and hands from cuts and grazes.
CE EN388 standard level 5 cut resistance.
Lightweight and comfortable fit.
No loss of dexterity and movement.
Food safe, non-toxic and machine washable.
Strong and flexible Polyethylene and Copper fibre yarn.
Perfect for food preparation like slicing, peeling, chopping or picking up glass.
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Sharp Shield Gloves

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 Hand protection for food preparation.

Whether it’s slicing, dicing, peeling or chopping Sharp Shield Gloves will keep your hands protected at all times. Thanks to a combination of super-tough but lightweight Polyethylene Fibre, and the incredible strength and flexibility of copper, Sharp Shield Gloves will keep you safe and cut-free without ever restricting your movement or comfort. 

Protects fingers, knuckles, and hands from cuts and grazes.

Sharp Shield Gloves are made from a clever combination of polyethylene and copper fibres that give strong, reliable resistance to cuts from knives, broken glass, metal graters, metal cans, bottle tops and any other potentially dangerous item you use every day around your kitchen. Made to a certified European safety standard of ‘Level 5 cut-resistance’, the polyethylene acts to give strength and flexibility while the copper, woven throughout the fabric of the glove, reinforces that protection. Wearing Sharp Shield Gloves is like wearing chain mail for your hands in the battle against cuts and grazes. 

Lightweight and comfortable fit with no loss of dexterity and movement.

It’s one thing to be safe from cuts but you still need freedom of movement when holding knives in the first place, not to mention crockery, food and other items that you need to handle. You also need a protective glove that’s light to wear. Sharp Shield Gloves are incredibly light, so you’ll forget you’re wearing them and won’t need to keep taking them off and putting them back on again every time you want to handle a knife to chop some vegetables. 

Food safe, non-toxic and machine washable.

Sharp Shield Gloves are designed for everyday use in your kitchen, so they need to be washable and safe when handling food. Some protective gloves can leach toxins into food or need to be disposed of after a single use, but Sharp Shield Gloves are non-toxic and can be washed time after time to give you years of cut-free food preparation at home.

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