+ Smart Sharp

Sharpens all kinds of blades– even serrated!

Super-hard tungsten carbide.

Power Lock suction base holds it firmly in place.

Hands-free use for personal safety.

Protects your knife edge while sharpening.

Easy to use with perfect results.

Small and compact for easy storage.

2 x bonus knives included.
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Smart Sharp

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The ultimate tungsten-carbide knife sharpener.

Smart Sharp knife sharpener will put a razor-sharp edge on even blunt knives and keep your sharp ones in perfect condition, ready for anything.

Constructed with the ultimate in tungsten carbide blade-sharpening technology, Smart Sharp works on virtually any kitchen knife, even serrated blades.

The Power Lock suction base attaches securely to any smooth surface in seconds with just a press of the lever, allowing you to sharpen safely, hands-free, without holding the sharpener.

Industrial-grade tungsten carbide sharpens all edges– even serrated.

Known as the ultimate sharpening surface, tungsten carbide is the choice for professional blade-sharpening all over the world. The perfect angle to sharpen a knife is 20 ° and Smart Sharp is pre-set to that angle to give the optimum edge every time. Just 3 or 4 gentle draw-backs of the blade through the tungsten carbide sharpening rods will restore a laser-sharp cutting edge to a recently sharpened blade that needs quick, daily refinement. With a totally blunt knife, Smart Sharp will hone it to a perfect angle, and remove excess metal.

Protects your hands and your knives.

The Power Lock suction base lets you secure Smart Sharp onto your worktop and then, just holding the knife handle in one hand, you can draw the blade backwards through the rods without having to hold anything else and put your fingers at risk. Smart Sharp also has a polymer top surface that is softer than metal, and therefore won’t damage the sharpened edge as you run the whole length of the blade through it. This way your newly-honed edge stays perfectly sharp.

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