+ Chillmax Pillow

Naturally cooling gel pillow.
Chillmax™ Gel transfers heat away from your body.
Use as a pillow, mat or cushion.
Use to cool laps and laptops when working.
For extra cooling refrigerate before use.
No need for water or refilling.
Portable and travel size.
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Chillmax Pillow

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Cooling Gel Insert for all Pillows.

For a more restful night’s sleep, or a cooler, more comfortable seat, Chillmax Pillow is the answer. Chillmax Pillow’s inner gel reacts to your body temperature to absorb excess heat, drawing it away from your skin to produce a natural cooling effect for up to three hours. Use it as a pillow or a seat cushion to help relieve the discomfort of overheating. Chillmax can be inserted in to your favourite pillow case or cushion or placed on top for maximum cooling. The portable size and wipe-clean design means you can take it wherever hot, sticky nights or uncomfortable, prolonged sitting might be a problem.

Soothes and cools for maximum comfort.

On hot, sticky nights getting a restful night’s sleep can be hard but the soft, comfortable gel in Chillmax Pillow absorbs excess body heat and dissipates it away from your skin, giving you a cooling, relaxing sensation. Placed inside your pillow case or on top, in direct contact with your skin, so you can enjoy a soothing, cool feeling. On the hottest nights place it in the fridge for a few hours before going to bed for the ultimate cooling pillow. 

Take it anywhere- no need for water or refills.

Because Chillmax Pillow is light, foldable and slim, you can easily take it away with you in your luggage when travelling to warm places. Better still, carry it with you on a plane or in a hot car for cooling you down on the journey, and because there is no need to refill or add water, it’s always ready without the need to add anything to it

Great for hot gadgets or sore limbs.

The cooling effect of Chillmax Gel means that it can be used for all kinds of applications where things get overheated. Placed beneath a laptop it acts as a great cooling mat that keeps your lap and the laptop cool and safe. Wrap Chillmax Pillow around sore or aching joints like ankles and wrists after strenuous exercise.


With Chillmax pillow you never need to worry about being hot, bothered and uncomfortable again.


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